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 yes! I want to begin earning recurring monthly revenue as a Market-It Partner! I am ready to earn a whopping 35% commission for each new customer I introduce to Market-It, plus, when I introduce other Partners into the program, I'll earn 5% of all sales they bring in!

And best of all, each time I earn a commission, I'll get paid that same commission over and over again, every month, for as long as that customer remains a Market-It member! I understand joining is completely free!

Proven, EASY to sell product! Sell to a hungry target market that is ready to buy!

High-conversion (visitors to sales) website.... You make more $$$

Earn 35% (for each customer you bring in)
month after month! It's easy to build a recurring monthly revenue!

Get paid every two weeks!

Real time stats

Proven Banners and Ad Copy Provided

     Step 1: Choose Username & Password

CHOOSE A RESELLER PASSWORD: (6-15 characters)  (must include at least one number)

Your username cannot be the same as your password.
Write down your username & password now!

Resellers may not signup for Market-It thru their own reseller account.

Attempting to do so will result in immediate cancellation
of your Market-It membership, cancellation of your reseller account, and
permanent banning from future signups of any websites in the eHits Inc network.

     Step 2: Registration Info


Your account activation info will be sent to the above email address.
Do not enter an email address containing an autoreply or autoresponder,
or a junkmail address with a full mailbox.
Doing so will result in automatic cancellation of your account!
After you log into the Market-It members site, you will be able to edit your information.

     Step 3: "Pay-To" Information

The Market-It Partner Program is managed by CCBILL, a trusted third-party
and one of the largest e-commerce processors in the world!
You will receive commission checks every two weeks
NAME TO PRINT ON CHECK: Type the name that should be printed
on your commission checks

Click the Continue button below, to go to the next screen
and type the mailing address where CCBILL should send your commission checks.

(Note: You will be on an SSL-encrypted secure server)


The Market-It Reseller Program is migrating from CCBILL to Paypal.
During this transition, this section of the website will be closed.

(NOTE: If you are already a Market-It Reseller,
you will continue receiving your earned commissions thru CCBILL)

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