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Are you making money from one of the hottest & largest markets on the entire Intenet? Listen to this. Tens of millions of webmasters are hungry for traffic. And now you can fullfill their need by introducing them to the award-winning, media-acclaimed marketing solution: Market-It

And here's the best part. For each new customer you introduce to Market-It, you'll earn a hefty 35% commission, month after month, for as long as they remain a member!

Proven, EASY to sell product! Sell to a hungry target market that is ready to buy!

High-conversion (visitors to sales) website.... You make more $$$

Earn 35% (for each customer you bring in)
month after month! It's easy to build a recurring monthly revenue!

Get paid once per week!

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Commission tracking and affiliate payouts are managed by CCBILL, a trusted third-party and one of the largest e-commerce processors in the world!

Join thousands of smart webmasters who are profiting from the e-commerice revolution by selling in-demand marketing solutions to webmasters who are hungry for traffic!

Success Key #1 Hot Market & In-Demand Product

There are 3 keys to successful Internet selling. The first key is a sizzling hot market and an in-demand product.

Sizzling Hot Market
The online marketplace is enormous. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce there's over one billion dollars per week of online e-commerce, in the United States alone. (The Worldwide marketplace is ever bigger!)

This gigantic marketplace consists of Merchants (sellers), and buyers.

So just how many merchants (e-commerce websites) are part of this $1 Billion dollar per day marketplace? According to AC Neilson, Media Metrix, and Alexa, there are literally tens of millions of websites on the planet. Approximately half of them are tyring to sell something. Individuals, SOHO's (small office / home office), medium-sized and large businesses. All of them conducting business online. And all of them wanting more people to visit their e-commerce websites!

In-Demand Product
99% of the world's visitor traffic goes to less than 1% of all websites. (According to AC Neilson, Media Metrix, and Alexa)

There are litterally tens of millions of websites, virtually all of them desperate for visitor traffic. Market-It fills a huge need as the perfect one-stop solution for getting website traffic.

Simply put, Market-It resellers are successful because Market-It monthly memberships are extremely easy to sell.

Huge, sizzling hot market. In-demand product. Tens of millions of webmasters all looking for a business solution. Now, ask youself, are you ready to tap into this unbelievable market?

Success Key #2 Proven Selling Tools

The second key to successful Internet selling is to have at your disposal tested & proven selling tools.

"Conversion ratio" (also referred to as "sell-thru") is a website's ability to convert visitors to buyers.

The Market-It website has an excellent conversion ratio, and that means you'll make more sales. For example, say you sent 100 visitors to an affiliate website with a poor conversion ratio. You may make only 1 or 2 sales, if any. But send those same 100 visitors to a website with a high conversion ratio and you'll make more sales.

As a Market-It reseller you'll have access to everything you need for success with this program, including banner ads, text link ads, skyscrapers, ezine ads, solo ads, classified ads, pop-unders and exit-pops... plus other effective promotion tools.

And we're always adding new promotion tools, so you can sell more effectively and make even more money in the future.

Oh and here's a little secret... After you sign up as a Market-It reseller, become a MarketIt member and use Market-It's online promotion system to help boost your reseller efforts!

Success Key #3 Big Commissions

The third key to successful Internet selling is to be working under a rock-solid payment plan with generous commissions.

Monthly Recurring Income

When you introduce a new customer to Market-It, you don't get paid a commission just once. You get paid over and over again.

Here's how it works. Reseller commissions are based on the monthly membership fees paid by customers you introduce to Market-It. That means for each person you introduce to MarketIt, you'll earn a repeating commission, month after month, for as long as they remain a Market-It member.

That's called "recurring monthly income" (or "residual income") and it's key to financial success.

Earn Income on Two Levels

The Market-It reseller program is two-tier. For every Reseller you introduce to Market-It, you'll earn commissions based on the sales they generate.

Now imagine even one "power reseller" signing up below you. You'd be earning generous commissions based on their sales, month after month, even if you don't do another thing yourself.

Ready to get started
making money?

CCBILL manages all sales processing and commission payments to Market-It Resellers. CCBILL is a trusted third-party and one of the largest online credit card processors in the world.

Your commission checks will arrive every 2 weeks, directly from CCBILL. You will have a special toll-free 800 number so you can contact CCBILL anytime 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Signup takes just 2 minutes and it is completely free.

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