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Discover Power Promotion Tools That Can Dramatically Increase
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Here's what a web promotion expert, whose websites consistently
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 I've created more than 100,000 customers worldwide so I know what it takes to generate traffic and make sales...

...and Market-It has the proper ingredients for traffic and sales. Market-It is the most comprehensive collection of powerful promotion tools and no website owner or Internet entrepreneur should be without it.

And it's so easy to use... just go to the 'control panel' and you can easily generate traffic, sales & profits for your website. I encourage you to take the risk-free test drive. I wish you all the success in the world with your business.
—Shawn M. Casey, President
Mining Gold Corporation

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If you are among the 95% of Internet entrepreneurs who owns a website, chances are, you face one of the following challenges. Check the one that describes you.


Raving Customers!

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Whichever of the above predicaments you checked, you're in for an eye-opening revelation.   What if I could show you a program for simplifying and automating your website marketing—to enable you to work less hours and generate more profits from your website?  What if the program I'm about to show you would require you to do just a few simple marketing activities per day that take very little time, but you were GUARANTEED an increase in website traffic, customers, sales and profits—would you spend the next 10 minutes learning about it? 

Answer now:   Yes, of course!    No, I'm not interested in more visitor traffic & sales

If you answered YES, then go ahead and spend 10 minutes reading the rest of this article.  Do not simply skim over it, or skip around from section to section—but read every word of it.  This information will revolutionize the way you do your web marketing forever.

Here's what a marketing & conversion expert who helps his clients generate over $183 million in sales from TV spots, infomercials, QVC and Home Shopping Network, national retail catalogs, magazine ads, direct mail, and Internet, has to say...

Alex Mandossian's clients include Thigh Master (Suzanne Somers), RONCO Food Dehydrator (Ron Popeil) plus other well-known successes

I'm calling in from my mobile phone today from an Internet Marketing Conference, because I thought it was important to let you know how imperative it is for you to try the promotion resources at Market-It.com...

...Now my reception may not be too clear with this mobile phone, but I want to be perfectly clear about one thing. I haven't seen one resource with more powerful traffic tools and conversion tools at Market-It.com. In fact I looked into the user interface and found that navigation was simple, it was intuitive, and within 5 minutes without a users manual I knew exactly what to use.

Now I'm a technophobe, meaning I don't put up my own websites. I send my website content to my webmaster, and he puts it up. But I'm seriously considering updating my websites using some of these tools because it makes it so easy. You go ahead and give it a try. Try it for 30 days and see if it won't be the most intelligent investment you'll make for your business, and your websites. And for your personal life... because you'll save more time and money using these tools than practically anything else you've even done before. Go ahead and give it a shot.
—Alex Mandossian, President
Heritage House Publishing
and Co-founder of AccessToLeaders.com

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Online Marketing Doesn't Have to Take a Lot of Time

Everybody knows that marketing is the most important task of any business—both online and offline. It is the very lifeblood of a website, without which an online business would never survive. On the Web, it's possible to market everyday for little or no money—and have the opportunity to generate an amazing income from your website.

The problem, though, is that because there are countless marketing approaches available, you end up purchasing a "kitchen sink full" of marketing materials—usually costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars—which provide a hodge-podge of disjointed and unorganized strategies, tips and techniques. You often try everything at once—and work 10, 12, even 16 tedious hours a day—spreading yourself thin by chasing after every little marketing nugget you can find. But at the end of the day, you find you've made only a small trickle of earnings. Does this sound familiar?

Which of these time-consuming things do you do?

Self Assessment Quiz  
Check all
that apply

Which of these time-consuming
things do you do?
Check all
that apply
Submitting and re-submitting your website to the search engines manually
Researching your search engine keywords and competition to help get more traffic
Reading the dozens of free marketing e-zines and newsletters that flood your e-mail box in the hope of learning marketing strategies that may have dubious value or effectiveness
Spending a lot of money and time on marketing e-books and courses, and attending marketing seminars and tele-seminars
Sending out press releases to the media
Learning how to get quality traffic out of search engines
Trying to figure out how to get a constant stream of traffic from your pay-per-click campaigns
Finding out ways to improve your website's conversion rate (that is, the percentage of your website visitors that you convert into buyers)

These and other marketing and promotion activities add up to a lot of time. If you're like most online entrepreneurs who think that you need to devote a lot of marketing hours in order for your business to succeed—you're dead wrong!

Here's what the author of the #1 best selling books "Spiritual Marketing," and "Hypnotic Writing" and best-selling Nightingale-Conant audioprogram "The Power of Outragious Marketing" has to say...

Dr. Joe Vitale is a #1 best-selling author, and sought-after professional copywriter & marketing consultant for major companies

The news release service alone is breathtaking...

...I love so much about this new service that I don't know where to begin. The news release service alone is breathtaking. You have to understand that normally you would pay $300-$1,000 per news release to distribute it out to the world. That's what it cost with all the major news release services. But as a Market-It member you can distribute one news release per week for free. That alone is worth the price of admission. So I strongly encourage you to check out Market-It. There's so much here that I wish I had more time to brag about it. I like it, I'm going to be using it, and I'm obviously endorsing it. So check it out for yourself. Wishing you a fantastic and very profitable day.
—Dr. Joe Vitale
#1 Best-Selling Author of Spiritual Marketing

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There's An Easier Way to Promote Your Website

What if website marketing became so simple that all you had to do was log into a private, members-only website—and there, at your fingertips, was everything you needed to generate traffic, customers, sales and profits for your website?

That's exactly what Market-It has created just for you—for the first time ever, an easy and time-efficient way of promoting your website.

Picture yourself logging into the Market-It private website and getting only the most successful ways of marketing—and none of those that are just a waste of time.  Here's a sneak peek at what you'll find:

  • powerful online promotional tools
  • 7 submission wizards (including one that puts your search engine submissions on auto-pilot)
  • traffic blasters
  • 42 killer tutorials and downloadable e-books
  • 43 how-to videos
  • Press Release Submitter that uses one the world's largest press release distribution networks (PR Web™) to send your press release to over 100,000 journalists worldwide, as well as all the major media outlets—to get your website on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.
  • 84 instructional audios and interviews with marketing experts and people who have succeeded with their small business and home-based businesses—wherein they explain exactly what they did and how they did it
  • 9 website analysis tools (including search engine position analyzer, keyword popularity checker, site popularity analyzer, etc.)
  • 4 generators that automatically create doorway pages, meta tags, etc.
  • 7 promotion resources (including a directory of 153 e-zines that offer free ads; top searched keywords; press release template, etc.)
  • vital industry statistics and demographics
  • relevant news feeds pertaining tobusiness, Internet, online marketing, virus warnings, etc.
  • utilities that make doing business on the Web a breeze

... and everything you could possibly need at a cost of less than 1% of what it would cost you to buy all the contents separately. How much time and money would you save on marketing costs-- and how much traffic, customers, sales and profits would you generate as a result?

In a hurry?  Click here to start generating website traffic and profits now.

Here's what a multi-million dollar marketing genius, worldwide best selling author and owner of two publishing companies has to say...

...a must-have for all online marketers.

I've been fortunate to have earned millions of dollars online —and I've seen just about every marketing strategy and membership site out there. I have to tell you ... it's not easy to get me excited about anything anymore. But Market-It really takes the cake! Never before have I seen a marketing program as comprehensive, powerful and far-reaching as this! Market-It has the most extensive suite of marketing and promotional tools ever assembled in one place. This is definitely a must-have for all online marketers. It makes me wish I had Market-It when I was first starting to do business on the Web. It would have definitely helped me make my fortune much sooner.
—Michael T. Glaspie, Founder,
BannersGoMLM.com and NetMarketing2004.com

Unlike other membership sites that provide only the basic marketing tools and resources for free—and then try to sell you on the more valuable information and applications, Market-It provides everything and holds nothing back There are no hidden costs and nothing else for you to pay for except the ridiculously low monthly subscription fee.

Press Releases
A press release is simply an announcement, to the media, about your product or website.

Press Release Costs
XPressPress $225
$275 -
PRNewswire $300 -
Market-It™ Free

A Day in the Life of a
Market-It Member

Itís eight o-clock Monday morning. You've just signed up as a member of the Market-It program, and you're eager to get started.

You turn on your computer, go online, and log into the Market-It members area. Voila! Right in front of you is a virtual “control panel” that puts everything you need to promote your website right at your fingertips. Among them are powerful online promotion tools, traffic blasters, automatic submission wizards (for search engine submissions and disseminating ads)—all in one place.

You realize you can't do everything at once, so you pick just 3 things among the proven-and-tested promotion tools that Market-It has available. You decide to do the following 3 things today:

  • Send a press release to the media  [What's a press release? See ← left sidebar] Note: This is much easier than you think!
  • Put your search engine submissions on auto-pilot (every 30, 60 or 90 days)
  • Blast an article to thousands of websites

Everybody knows that sending a press release to the media is THE most effective way to get publicity for your website. Publicity translates to traffic—and of course, traffic translates to sales. But you quickly realize you have no clue as to how to write a press release.

No problem! Market-It provides press release templates, a no-brainer tutorial on how to write your own press release (hint: it's really easy) and examples of actual press releases. With this information you'll have your press release written in no time flat.

Within several minutes to an hour, your press release is done. You then click on the Press Release Submitter, copy and paste your press release's headline, summary, body copy, your website's URL, your contact information and keywords (optional) in the boxes provided—then click the “Submit Now” button. Instantly, your press release goes to one of the world's largest press release distribution networks (PR Web™), that in turn sends it to over 100,000 journalists worldwide, as well as all the major media outlets.

Opens in New Window. Be sure your popup blocker is disabled.
See full-size screenshot in a popup window
click here

“Wow!”  you say to yourself.  “This press release distribution would have cost me anywhere between $275 to $500 had I used the usual distribution services.”  [See ← left sidebar for rates]  “With Market-It, it cost me nothing. And I can send out one press release a week! How cool is that?”

That was painless, wasn't it?  So far so good.

So onward you go to the 2nd marketing activity of the day—that is, putting your search engine submissions on auto-pilot. Submitting your website to search engines has always been a chore that you've always hated—it was tedious, it took up so much of your time, and you had to remember to do it in regular intervals if you wanted your website to be indexed by the search engines.

Market-It changes all that.  You notice a link on your control panel that says Smart Search Engine Submitter. You click on it and you're taken to a wizard that automatically submits your webpages to the search engines every 30, 60 or 90 days.

Opens in New Window. Be sure your popup blocker is disabled.
See full-size screenshot #1 in a popup window – click here

See full-size screenshot #2 in a popup window – click here

See full-size screenshot #3 in a popup window – click here

You're delighted to discover that set-up only takes a few minutes—and it's really very easy. You simply set-up profiles, each with its own website URL, that includes search engine keywords, site descriptions, and a list of search engines to submit to. Then, you set-up the profile's automatic submission schedule to 30, 60 or 90 days.  And you're done! You set it once, and let Market-It's “set-it-and-forget-it” technology keep your websites fresh in the search engines month after month—assuring you of a continuous stream of website traffic.

Okay. That's 2 down and just 1 more to go.

Onward to the 3rd marketing activity of the day—and that is, blast an article to thousands of websites.

Opens in New Window. Be sure your popup blocker is disabled.
See full-size screenshot in a popup window
click here

You already have an informative article that you've written about your industry or particular expertise. You know that submitting your article to e-zine publishers is a powerful marketing technique, especially when it includes your "ByLine" at the end of your article (that is, a brief blurb about you or your product, and a hotlink to your website).

You go to the Submission Tools section of your Market-It control panel and click on Article Blaster. You copy and paste your article content, your ByLine, and your Contact Information in the boxes provided—and then click on the Blast It Out button. Within minutes, Article Blaster submits your article to hundreds of e-zine publishers. If your article is published by some of these e-zines, it can be seen by thousands... or millions... of readers!

Okay, it's not even 10 A.M. yet, and you've already done more heavy-duty marketing than most entrepreneurs do all day. You can stop now—and take the rest of the day off to do the things you enjoy. OR you could choose to watch one of Market-It's video tutorials, listen to one of the instructional audios—or do one or more of the other promotional activities available at Market-It.

You decide that 3 things are enough for today. In fact, if you do just 3 things on Market-It every day, it will take you just an hour or two per day, but you will have implemented over 1,000 powerful marketing steps by the end of the year. The effects of doing just 3 promotional activities per day will compound exponentially over the next weeks and months—providing you with more traffic, customers, sales and profits than you can handle.

“Piece of cake!”  you say to yourself. That was easy. You didn't even break a sweat—and you're feeling absolutely no stress. Instead, you feel liberated from the shackles of unfocused, disorganized shotgun marketing that used to take up all of your time.

For the next few days, you continue doing 3 or more promotional activities using Market-It. Before long, you're delighted to see that the things you did on Day 1, Day 2 and beyond are beginning to pay off. Yourwebsite traffic skyrockets, your website visitors are converting into customers, and website sales are beginning to pour in. You didn't spend countless hours on your marketing—and yet the profits are coming in like clockwork.

“Heck,”  you say to yourself.  “If I'm already making money after having used Market-It for a few days, I wonder how much profits I could make after a few weeks, a few months—or even a year?”


Raving Customers!

Market-It is going to turn heads! I am really impressed

Alan Saltz,
New York
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Increased our visitor traffic by 300% !!! Thank you so much Market-It !!!

Johan Hedin,
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How Much is All This Worth to You?

Obviously, on the basis of the priceless resources I've described thus far, I'm sure you already want to sign up to become a member of Market-It. But I'm not ready to let you sign up just yet until you recognize the full value of it.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

What is the value of having a program that puts at your fingertips all the effective marketing strategies and power promotional tools that will increase your website traffic and consequently generate massive website profits for you? What is the value of NOT having to go through years of trial-and-error, trying one ineffective strategy after another—before finally making the kind of website profits you want?

Let's break it down dollar-for-dollar:
    Retail Value
a) Market-It's Press Release Submitter alone is worth over a thousand dollars a month. Press release distribution costs anywhere between $275 to $500 for a one-time broadcast. Market-It allows you to distribute a press release once a week (that's 4 times a month)—for free. Just imagine the kind of publicity you'll get for your website on TV, magazines and newspapers!
b) Many of the instructional audios, interviews, and how-to videos provided to members—when purchased elsewhere—are each worth far more than the entire monthly subscription to Market-It. For instance:

  • Alex Mandossian and Jonathan Mizel's Marketing Brain Dump = $147 Retail Value
  • Michael Senoff's Business and Marketing Interviews = $197 Retail Value
  • Brett McFall's Advertising Secrets = $174 Retail Value

That's a value of $518 for just 3 of the 84 instructional audios and 43 how-to videos and over 40 killer tutorials available at Market-It for free. The value of all 167 would amount to well over $12,600 if you were to buy them all yourself.

c) Market-It's entire suite of power promotional tools (including power submitters, generators, web analysis tools, etc.) would cost you a total of $3,500 when purchased separately.
d) A subscription to the kind of News Feeds that you can access for free on Market-It (e.g., business, Internet, online marketing, virus warnings, etc.) would cost you between $95/month to $299/month.
to $299 
e) Access to Internet Statistics and User Demographics that comes standard with Market-It would cost you approximately $750 (for a one-time access) to $1500 (annual subscription) if you purchase the information from statistics and demographics providers. $750 
to $1,500 

Go ahead and do the math for yourself.  No matter how you look at it, you'll find that then entire Market-It package is worth well over tens of thousands of dollars if you were to assemble it yourself—especially with new content, tools and resources being added all the time.

So how much would you think is a fair price to get access to all this?

When we first told website owners and Internet entrepreneurs that a Market-It membership costs only $49.95/month, they were simply shocked. Everyone knows we could easily charge well over $100/month for Market-It's suite of tools, resources and information—and people will still fall in line to sign up.

Imagine their surprise when they discovered that for a limited time only, they could become a Market-It member for only $19.95/month!  It literally caused a stampede!

I almost want to keep it a secret

Market-It struck me as a really useful resource and a good one-stop place for marketing needs.  But I quickly went from an immediate “This is really good” to “This is unbelievable!” when I realized just how much I can do and learn from this one site.  When I tallied up how much it would cost elsewhere for what Market-It offers, I got a shock!  I was astounded to find that it would cost me $1,100 a month to do what I can do on Market-It for a simple, affordable subscription.
—Amanda Neal
United Kingdom

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The advantage of becoming a Market-It member right now is that when you sign up at the discounted membership fee of $19.95/month, you lock in the low monthly fee for life—even when we restore the regular fee of $49.95/month. And there are no strings attached—you can cancel your membership any time with just 2 clicks of your mouse. Try it risk-free today.

Here's even better news:  If you sign up no later than Midnight on , you'll also receive the following free gifts valued at $394:

F R E E   G I F T   NO.  1
Audio Course “Millionaire Marketing”
This valuable audio is produced by Marlon Sanders, Declan Dunn, and Jonathan Mizel. Declan has developed business plans for Network Solutions, Priceline and other heavyweights. Johnathan has consulted for American Express, MyPoints and some of the world's most trafficed Internet properties. Marlon is an Internet marketing powerhouse, worldwide seminar speaker and author. Together, these 3 experts show you how to achieve success online and off, and reveal the top marketing mistakes most entrepreneurs make. Incredible material. Retail Value: $197
F R E E   G I F T   NO.  2
Audio Seminar “Six Figure Secrets”
This superb 4-hour audio seminar is led by Shawn Casey, world famous Internet Millionaire whose incredible methods are endorsed by Robert Allen (author of 3 New York Times best sellers). In this amazing info-packed audio series, Shawn explains how to legally structure your business, how to dramatically slash your income taxes with the 6 best deductions, how to safeguard your assets using the ultimate asset protection tool, and the "real" secrets of doing business offshore and tax-free. Incredible info, from the master himself! Others have paid hundreds of dollars to attend Shawn's dynamic training session, Now, you get exclusive access, free. Retail Value: $197

(These premium audio courses sell for $197 each at www.z56.com/audiocourseware)

Please understand that you'll receive the free gifts described above only if you sign-up on or before Midnight on . So click here to start generating website traffic and profits with Market-It now.

Our Unconditional “You-Be-The-Judge” Guarantee

When you sign-up to become a Market-It member, you risk absolutely nothing. Minutes after you sign up, you'll have instant access to the members-only control panel—with all its online promotion tools, traffic blasters, killer promotion resources, free traffic & free ad offers, marketing & business tutorials, online courseware, downloadable ebooks, and everything you need to promote your website.

I urge you to kick the tires, press the buttons and flick all the control switches.  You will begin to realize—as thousands of satisfied members have—that Market-It is the only thing you need to blast your website to uncharted heights of sales and profits. You'll even begin to wonder why you haven't done this sooner.

Now, here's my guarantee:  If, after using Market-It for 30 days, you have not generated the kind of website traffic, sales and profits you expected to generate, simply notify the help desk staff and we'll give you a full refund of your membership fee. You alone are the judge as to whether Market-It is worth the price you paid for it.

The only thing we ask is that you give Market-It a fair try. Trust me—you won't even need 30 days to realize that Market-It is hands-down the most effective system for promoting your web business. I'm betting I couldn't pry it out of your hands if I tried. Take Market-It for a no-risk test drive today.

Earlier on, I asked you 2 questions:  What if I could show you a program for simplifying and automating your website marketing—to enable you to work less hours and generate more profits from your website? What if the program I'm about to show you would require you to do just a few simple marketing activities per day that take very little time, but you were GUARANTEED an increase in website traffic, customers, sales and profits—would you spend the next 10 minutes learning about it?

Since youíre still reading this, Iím assuming you answered, Yes.  Now that weíve shown you explicitly how Market-It can deliver on those promises, now itís time for you to act on this.

Market-It is the most useful website promotional program ever created—a program that can dramatically improve your website traffic, convert more of your website visitors into customers—and consequently explode your sales and profits sky-high.

I challenge you to embark on your exciting adventure in website marketing today!

       Here's to your website success,

       Mark Blumenthal
       Founder and CEO, eHits Inc.

P.S.  Still undecided?  Then, I invite you to take the quick tour of the Market-It members-only control panel.